Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

“I’m not sure I can thank you enough for all that you have taught me; things that have changed my life. It has drastically changed who I am and how I do things.”
Taylor Olsen – Seattle, WA

“I had the wonderful experience of working with Dr. Dorfman at his dental office for 7 years. He taught me so much about business and maximizing my potential. His encouragement and his hope of seeing others around him succeed helped me to open my own successful business. I will never forget all that he taught me. Thank you Dr. Dorfman!”
Sherry Heyerly – Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for the inspiration you have given me. Now I feel like I’m on the launching pad ready to take off.”
Andrew Bernstein – New City, NY

“I highly recommend the LEAP summer program. With Dr. Bill Dorfman’s inspiring guidance and continued mentoring I was able to develop the skills to realize my greatest dream. Thanks to Dr. Bill, in June 2008, I will graduate dental school as… Dr. Saam Zarabi”
Saam Zarabi – San Francisco, CA

“Before I met Dr. Bill, the only book I had ever read was authored by Dr. Seuss, and I was on a road with no direction. Today I have read over 100 novels and biographies and have grown tremendously as a guidance counselor. I have also become a successful model and actor.”
TJ Wilk (featured model on The Janice Dickinsen’s Modeling Agency)