2010 Keynote Speakers

James Malinchak

James Malinchak has delivered over 2,200 motivational presentations for events worldwide, and was named Consummate Speaker of the Year by Sharing Ideas professional speakers’ magazine. He has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and several hundred other publications.

James began his sales career right out of college as a stockbroker with a major Wall Street Investment Firm and was awarded Most Outstanding Performance (twice) and #1 in New Account Openings (twice). While in his twenties, James became a partner in a company that handled the investments for many famous entertainers, authors and professional athletes.

Currently, James owns six businesses (including www.Malinchak.com), has authored 16 books, and has read and researched over 2,500 books on personal and professional development.

He is a Contributing Author to, and serves as Associate Editor for, the #1 New York Times Best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul,® with his own personal stories published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul. James is the Co-author of the Best-Selling book Chicken Soup for the College Soul and the upcoming book, Chicken Soup for the Athlete’s Soul.

James mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a high content message that will have you “laughing, learning and inspired!”

To learn more about James, visit: www.Malinchak.com

Ron White

Ron White is without question the nation’s #1 Memory Expert and is one of the tops in the world. He is a two time national memory champion winning the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010. He holds the record for the fastest to memorize a a deck of shuffled cards in only 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Ron’s desire is not that you see him as the person with the best trained memory but that he teaches YOU to have the best trained memory!

Ron has given his talk all over the world in countries including Singapore, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Belgium and even Nebraska. He has appeared on Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Show, FOX and Friends, the CBS Evening News, CBS Early Show, FOX, NBC and newspapers across the country from the New York post to the Dallas Morning News. This fall Ron will appear on the History Channel in a show Stan Lee’s Super Humans as the memory guy. He has been the guest on over 200 radio programs and is the author of over a dozen CD albums and books. In every talk Ron shares that he is no different from anyone and everyone can learn how to improve their memory.

Ron joined the US Navy as a reservist after September 11th and completed a tour in Afghanistan during 2007.

Schedule Ron White to speak at your convention, conference, school or company on the topics of:

  • Triple Your Memory and Triple Your Business
  • The Business Building Power of a Trained Memory
  • Memory Power = Student Power
  • How to Develop The Mind of Einstein

To learn more about Ron, visit: http://www.brainathlete.com/memory-expert-ron-white

Travis Brown

Travis Brown has made a life out of helping people and organizations achieve their goals and dreams!

As a well-known speaker, Travis has delivered over 1200+ hours of motivational presentations to companies and schools, nation-wide! Travis has spent the last 12 years in sales, executive management, consulting and business ownership.

Also known as Mr. MOJO, and the founder of themojozone.com, he has made a major impact:

  • In corporations, Travis consults with executives on how to develop stronger leadership, better training programs and build more efficient operational structures that impact the company’s bottom line.
  • At colleges, he coaches the Next Wave Leaders on how to create positive influence to move people to take action and create stronger programs on campus, that have received rave reviews!
  • With the high school leaders of today, creating a foundation for tomorrow is the key. Travis coaches them on developing the RIGHT skills and attitude to be a difference maker as a student leader!

Travis uses real-life experiences and stories to educate, motivate and entertain his many different audiences.

In today’s new era, where your corporate seniority doesn’t bring you security and graduating from college doesn’t guarantee you a job, learning to create Personal MOJO (“What the best have, and the rest want”) is the difference maker! Travis’ effective MOJO solutions will empower your company or school with the tools to experience explosive growth for your organization during these challenging times.

As an accomplished author of 2 different books, including The MOJO MIndset, Teen Leaders are MOJO Makers and E-Book Catch The MOJO, Travis has a way with taking complex issues and simplifying them into an effective and practical message that you can understand, personalize and Implement everyday!

Travis has a powerful presentation that motivates you to take charge of your life, develop your mind and your skills to achieve your greatness! His high energy, interactive message inspires audiences to believe that “it’s possible for us” to succeed when they give themselves permission, and take action!

YOUR success is in YOUR hands! So, if you are ready to give your organization the fuel to go to the next level, Let Mr. MOJO Show you how to build the MOJO MINDSET and create Successful Results today!

Nick Vujicic

Imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around a friend ; no hands to hold the ones you love; no fingers to experience touch ; no way to lift or carry things. How much more difficult would life be if you were living without arms and hands? Or what about legs? Imagine if instead of no arms, you had no legs. No ability to dance, walk, run, or even stand. Now put both of those scenarios together… no arms and no legs. What would you do? How would that affect your everyday life?

Meet Nick Vujicic, pronounced ‘Vooy-cheech’. Born in 1982 in Brisbane, Australia, without any medical explanation or warning, Nicholas Vujicic came into the world with neither arms nor legs. Imagine the shock his parents felt when they saw their first-born brand new baby boy for the first time, only to find he was what the world would consider imperfect and abnormal. Nick Vujicic Childhood A limbless son was not what nurse Dushka Vujicic, and her husband Pastor Boris Vujicic had been expecting. How would their son live a normal happy life? What could he ever do or become when living with such a massive disability? Little did they or anyone else know that this beautiful limbless baby would one day be someone who would inspire and motivate people from all walks of life.

Throughout his childhood, Nick dealt not only with the typical challenges of school and adolescence such as bullying and self-esteem issues; but also struggled with depression and loneliness. He constantly questioned why he was different than all the other kids surrounding him; why he was the one born without arms and legs. He wondered what the purpose behind his life was, or if he even had a purpose. According to Nick, the victory over his struggles throughout his journey, as well as the strength and passion he has for life can be credited to his faith in God. His family, friends and the many people he has encountered along the way have also encouraged him.

Now at 27 years old, this limbless young man has accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. Nick recently made the massive move from Brisbane, Australia to California, USA, where he is the President of an international non-profit organization; Life Without Limbs, and also has his own motivational speaking company; Attitude Is Altitude. Since his first speaking engagement back when he was 19, Nick has traveled around the world, sharing his story with millions of people, speaking to a range of different groups such as students, teachers, youth, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, and church congregations of all sizes. He has also told his story and been interviewed on various televised programs worldwide.

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