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LEAP Logo VectorThank you for your generous donation to LEAP.  Your willingness to give makes it possible for us to transform a young adult’s life.  Because of you, we are able to give student’s access to success beyond their wildest dreams!




All donations will be used by LEAP to make grants to needy and deserving children to attend leadership learning camps, to advertise and operate such camps and related LEAP programs, and to pay operating expenses of LEAP. For your tax purposes, this receipt will serve as our official acknowledgement of your contribution, in accordance with Section 170 (f)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code. The LEAP Foundation did not provide any goods or services in whole or partial consideration for this contribution. Contributions to LEAP will be tax-deductible to you from deducting some or all of your contribution or enjoying the benefit of such deduction as The LEAP Foundation has 501(c) (3) status. FED Tax ID #26-1809669