High School / College Prep Programs


Our summer program seeks to inspire and engage students in the skills that are necessary for success in high school and college. The LEAP Program for high school students is for all students entering grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. LEAP is perfect for students who are seeking to excel in high school so that when college application time rolls around, they have attained the best possible GPA, resume and course of study. LEAP prepares students for college and beyond by giving them the tools they need to succeed to their full potential in high school.

While the focus of LEAP is to prepare students to succeed in high school, the fact that it is summertime is never forgotten! You will find that LEAP programs provide the best balance of invaluable information, supportive supervision and exciting activities. All of LEAP’s activities and workshops are designed to maximize each student’s sense of camaraderie, enjoyment and accomplishment. The High School LEAP participants have the opportunity to fully enjoy life on a college campus. Through the experience of living in dorms together, participants will have the chance to build close friendships that last through high school and beyond.

At LEAP, you will learn:

  • The necessary social and business etiquette for success.
  • How to navigate through and prepare for the increasingly competitive college admissions process.
  • How to communicate efficiently, make an unforgettable impression and speak with impact.
  • How to find the perfect mentor, who will show you the way to achieving success.
  • How to acquire the confidence and skills to approach even the most powerful and intimidating people with ease.
  • How to make the most of your high school and college years.
  • What it takes to position yourself as an influential leader wherever you go.
  • Study skills and presentation skills to improve classroom performance.
  • How to be someone your peers look up to with respect and admiration.
  • How to build the most powerful portfolio for college applications, internships and scholarships.
  • Goal setting for accomplishing success.
  • How to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Should you have questions about program offerings or the LEAP admissions process, please call our Program Coordinator at 877.855.LEAP (5327).