Transforming Your Child Into Our Future Leaders

LEAP is a non-profit organization and global cause dedicated to helping young people worldwide achieve great success through exclusive content and events that you can’t find in a traditional educational system. At LEAP, your child will:

  • Determine his optimal career path
  • Improve all her relationships with effective communication
  • Study less and get better grades
  • Score his dream job after college
  • Identify her strengths and accelerate her potential
  • Establish himself as a leader
  • Develop an action plan to achieve her goals
  • Network efficiently and meet influential contacts
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Perform impressively in interview situations
  • Maintain motivation to constantly go after his biggest & boldest dreams
  • Establish lifelong friendships with people from around the world
  • Create a positive self-image with confident self-talk

Why Send Your Son or Daughter to LEAPweek 2018?

LEAPweek’s core curriculum helps students master the following:

  • Successfully set and accomplish personal, academic and professional goals with a motivated mindset
  • Place themselves ahead of peers and competitors with knowledge from workshops and seminars
  • Find the right tools and systems to identify and excel in their respective educational or professional endeavors
  • Build financial literacy to make the best choices regarding their money
  • Acquire the skills and confidence to approach and network with even the most intimidating individuals
  • Find the perfect mentor who can help achieve success
  • Communicate effectively and make an unforgettable impression by speaking with impact
  • Build a powerful portfolio for multiple uses such as colleges, internships, scholarships or jobs

Top 5 Questions Parents Ask About LEAPweek?

What is the cost of tuition and what does it include?

The cost to attend LEAPweek is $3,297. Take advantage of a $750 Early Bird discount. You can secure your seat with a $299 fully refundable deposit. Enroll Now
Tuition includes: accommodation in a UCLA dorm room with daily housekeeping service, a towel, toiletries, meals in campus dining halls, transportation to/from LAX and LEAPweek curriculum. Airfare or any other travel fare is not included in this price.

When and where is the program?

LEAPweek takes place at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) from July 22-28, 2017.

How does my student arrive at UCLA for the LEAPweek?

If flying into LAX, your student will be greeted by a member of our 60-person coaching staff at the airport and shuttled to UCLA at no additional cost. Each participant is sent a green LEAP t-shirt to wear on Day 1, in the mail, prior to the program so our students are easy to spot at LAX

Where do participants stay?

All participants stay in dorms located on the UCLA campus with a roommate of their same gender and age/grade. LEAP coaches stay on each floor as well to supervise and ensure participants are safe at all hours.

Do students get free time?

Yes, participants have many choices of activities on campus during free time at LEAPweek. Participants can work out, read, relax, swim or visit the UCLA store daily.

Parent Testimonial

The LEAP experience is truly amazing! Both of my children have attended LEAP, and it gave my kids the skills they needed to formulate their vision, achieve their goals, and to become successful young adults.

-Dr. Laura Kelly with children Kaitlin and Connor (LEAP Alumni)
LEAP principles helped Kaitlin attend UC Berkeley and secure a job at Genetech and Connor is an EMT on track to achieve his goal of becoming a firefighter.

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