Thank you for considering to sponsor a student for the 2017 LEAP Leadership Program at UCLA.  This page is designed to provide you with important information regarding how to sponsor a student to partake in the upcoming LEAP Program.

What is involved in sponsoring a scholarship student?

Sponsoring a student to the LEAP Program requires a contribution of $2997.00.  Your sponsorship will cover tuition, the student’s housing in one of the UCLA student dorms, all meals during the program, all program materials and a shuttle to/from the LAX airport (if needed).

How does LEAP determine who will receive a scholarship?

Throughout the year, LEAP receives applications of student who are interested in attending LEAP, however they do not have the funds to afford such a program. Our team gathers these applications and as scholarship funds come in, we identify scholarship candidates. To find these students LEAP works with organizations, schools, and communities to identify deserving students.

The LEAP Foundation seeks out students between the ages of 15 and 24 who are highly motivated and eager to take advantage of the opportunities that LEAP offers. Typical scholarship recipients are academically strong (with an A or B grade point average), are involved in extracurricular activities, and are individuals of strong character.Scholarship applicants who possess all of the above qualities will get the most out of the program and will allow for your generous sponsorship to have the greatest impact.

Once your contribution is made, LEAP will find a deserving student on your behalf.

No-Name-Leap2011_909What if I want to sponsor a specific student?

Due to the fact that The LEAP Foundation is 501c3 educational not-for-profit, our organization must follow a specific procedure when it comes to receiving sponsor input about potential LEAP participants.

1. The sponsor can notify the LEAP Foundation of a student he/she would like to nominate.
2.  Once nominated by a sponsor, the student must submit a Scholarship Packet to The LEAP Foundation<
3.  The LEAP Foundation will evaluate the Scholarship Packet and then notify the student if they are accepted
4.  Students nominated for a scholarship by a sponsor are evaluated on the same objective criteria as scholarship applicants and general applicants to the LEAP Program.  If a student nominated for a scholarship by a sponsor is determined to not meet such criteria, the sponsor’s contribution will not be returned and instead will be applied to another scholarship candidate that satisfies the LEAP Program’s objective criteria.

Sponsoring a student is not a money-saving alternative to enrolling a student.  Instead, LEAP’s Sponsorship Program is designed for individuals and organizations to make LEAP available to a student who would otherwise not be able to attend the program.  Sponsors cannot nominate relatives for the sponsorship program.

Please direct all sponsorship-related questions to LEAP’s Executive Director, Charlie Gallagher at 877-855-5327.