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Everything that is presented to you at LEAP is a gift.
- Paula Abdul
My accomplishments and achievements over the past couple of years can be tied back to what LEAP taught me and to the fact that I went home and started implementing an action plan.
- Holly (Student from Australia - Named one of the 100 Most Influential Australian Women in 2012)
There is a lot of focus on putting on good grades in school in the academic system, in my observation I don’t think we actually focus on preparing our youth in the way we need to. Because of LEAP, I witnessed our students transform into young-adults equipped with more confidence, self-drive, and the skills to truly succeed!
- Lisa Scaffidi, the Lord Mayor of Perth, Australia
LEAP has been such a positive impact in my life. It has allowed me to create lasting relationships with positive, enthusiastic people from all around the world. Not only did it open up my eyes to what I am capable of, but it gave me all the necessary tools to attain success and define what it is in my life in a super cool and unique way.
- Ben (Student from Virginia)
God just stamped on the canvas of my imagination .. my destiny. As soon as you lay hold of what it is that you feel you are called to do. All hell breaks loose. That’s how you know you are on the right path.
- Niecy Nash
This is every parent's dream. Think no more. This is it.
- Jonathan Sprinkles, Top Motivational Speaker
Sending my daughter to was LEAP was the best thing I ever did. She came back driven, motivated, confident .. we were thrilled. I have since sent my three sons. In the long run, this program has transformed my family. It is worth every single penny.
- Elaine (Parent from Pennsylvania)
My life changed because it gave me the drive I needed to actually get out there and chase my dream. It’s one week and you will leave with a completely different life.
- Jesica Alberg, Miss Alabama USA 2015, Alumni
Eight years ago my 3 children took a chance and flew to California to attend the very first LEAP. I will never forget picking them up at the end of the week at the mpls airport. They had changed. They had grown wings. They had gained new confidences, made new friends and had experienced life with new eyes. LEAP transformed my children and with every year since they have continued to amaze and teach me. The program is First Class and can be compared to nothing else I have encountered in my lifetime. The relationships and the networking is really the core of what makes these young people strive to be more and understand their abilities are limitless. They become accountable to new standards and keep raising their own personal bests. I cannot say enough in support of this priceless opportunity.
- Maureen (Parent from Minnesota)