Coach Survey

Dear Coaches,

First of all, thank you for such an amazing year. We tried many new things at LEAP 2011 – some were very successful, and others were not as effective as we would have liked. This is the time for you all to provide us with honest and anonymous feedback we can use to make LEAP even stronger.

As our program continues to grow and mature, we look to also grow the responsibilities and involvement of our Coaches. We want you each to take on a sense of ownership.

Please complete the below questions as if you owned LEAP – your responses could change future direction of the program.

All of the responses will be 100% anonymous. We will have no way of tracking your responses so please be honest, constructive, and thorough in your responses.

(Note: The evaluation has a good deal of questions. Please feel free to start now, submit and then return later to answer more. Upon returning you will have access to a brand new evaluation form – just pick up where you left off and leave the sections you have already completed blank.)

Evaluating the Schedule:

Each year we try and make adjustments to our LEAP Schedule. This year we re-introduced some old activities like the Walk-Talks and we also tried to improve some of the more difficult areas (Airport Day). Please let us know your feeling on the 2011 LEAP Schedule as well as several of the key events during the week.

Evaluating the Curriculum:

Each Coach has been impacted by their experience at LEAP. While all of the content taught is valuable, there are likely a few pieces of the curriculum which you would define as the “Core Curriculum” – the few sessions which absolutely changed your life. We are interested in clearly defining our program’s Core Curriculum – the sessions which deliver the most value.

Defining the Core Curriculum:

Major Changes v. 2010:


For the majority of the students, the most impactful sessions are the Team Meetings lead by our Coaches. We would like to see your opinion on the following Coach-related activities.

Please indicate the effectiveness of each part of Coach Training (1 low – 4 high):

Evaluating the LEAP Staff:

By making ourselves better, we in-turn improve the program. Please provide constructive criticism for the members of the LEAP Team and Presenters. If you don’t want to comment on a speaker, please skip that section.


We feel that it is vital for all LEAP Coaches to not just talk-the-talk, but also walk-the-walk. Please truthfully answer the below questions about yourself. Like everything else, we have no way to determine who you are once you submit your evaluation – so please be honest.

Have you ACTUALLY read any of the following books?