Alumni Outreach 2016


1) Intro

Hi, I’m ________________, calling on behalf of The Leap Foundation.
We’re reaching out to all Leap Alumni to see how they are doing…. How are you? [If they ask “how I’m doing???” yes, with life, love, health, wealth, & happiness. How are you?]

2) Gather Info

Fill out the form below.  Genuinely listen and get to know them, where they are, and take notes

3) Call to action

Thank you so much for sharing. [Share your life experiences and tie in to LEAP]

  •  Our 10th Annual Leap is taking place July 23 – 29, 2017 at UCLA. We have a $600 discount that ends on Oct 14. Would you happen to know anyone that would be a candidate to attend? [Also ask for referrals – Parents of 15 – 25 year olds that would benefit from Leap. Email & Phone #s.]
  •  More than half of Leap’s attendees come on full scholarship funded by donations. Would you be able to make a donation or donate an item to our online silent auction? We have an online auction on Ebay and proceeds help students attend Leap.
  •  [If they live in LA] Dr. Bill is speaking about his personal story and Leap on Tues. Oct. 25 at Castlegreen in Pasadena at 6pm. Would you like information regarding that seminar?
  •  Lastly, Many times people attend events and forget where and when they met someone. Has this ever happened to you? Dr. Bill has created an app called “Forgotcha” which solves that problem. Please download it and check it out when you can.

Thank you!  Any questions about our 10th Annual Leap 2017?