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The LEAP Foundation helps high school students, college students,
and recent graduates get a “7 year LEAP on success.”

LEAP does this by hosting an annual week-long LEAP Leadership Program at UCLA where the curriculum is basedupon the experience of those who themselves have accomplished great success – both professionally and personally.

LEAP is a non-profit organization committed to educating young adults about goal-setting, effective communication, and the invaluable power of mentorship – all of which are essential in helping today’s youth succeed, yet often omitted from most formal educational systems.


At LEAP, we emphasize the importance of 4 simple pillars as a means for every student to predict, create and achieve their own success.

Inspiration & Motivation

Seeing what success looks like creates inspiration and motivation at a young age. LEAP instills a motivated mindset and passion to go above and beyond in each student to create extraordinary leaders.

A Vision For Yourself

Once someone sees a goal or purpose, they can begin to envision themselves creating their own path of success. Students learn to develop a clear and concise vision that allows for strong direction in accomplishing every goal in sight.

An Action Plan

A motivated child with a vision for success will need to have a proper plan of action to accomplish a goal. Discover how other successful people in the LEAP Program such as celebrities, business leaders and mentors, faced their objectives, challenges and reality as part of their plan.

The Right Tools For The Plan

The key to success is having the right tools and resources to achieve your goals. LEAP provides an amazing network of people as a resource to keep each other accountable. From finding the right mentor, we provide the tools for you to take action.

What is LEAP

LEAP is a non-profit education foundation that annually organizes a youth leadership program held at UCLA.  Each year, students travel from across the globe to attend our week-long program dedicated to helping young adults uncover the “real-life” skills needed to achieve success.

LEAP hosts two programs which run concurrently during the week-long LEAP Leadership Seminar:IMG_013

The LEAP High School Program (grades 9–12) and The LEAP Young Adult Program (18-24 year olds). Each program has the same core curriculum. Students learn social and business etiquette, effective communication, how to find a mentor, how to acquire confidence, to set goals, make the most of their high school and college experience, study smarter, identify and create a career plan, network professionally, manage money, and maintain a healthy body and mind.

LEAP Program Benefits

LEAP Equip Students With The Essential Tools For Academic, Professional, & Personal Success

No-Name-Leap2011_909At the LEAP program you will learn to:

•     Determine your optimal career path
•     Improve all relationships with effective communication
•     Study less and get better grades
•     Score your dream job after college
•     Identify your strengths and accelerate your potential
•     Establish yourself as a leader
•     Develop an action plan to achieve your goals
•     Network efficiently and meet influential contacts
•     Achieve financial independence
•     Perform impressively in interview situations
•     Maintain motivation to constantly go after your biggest and boldest dreams
•     Establish life long friendships with people all over the country
•     Create a positive self-image with confident self-talk


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